Superior Propane Official Statement on Labour Negotiations with the STEELWORKER'S union

QUEBEC - (January 15th, 2024) - At Superior Propane, open communication and transparency are foundational in our operations and relationships. We are currently engaged in labour negotiations with The Steelworkers Union of Québec (the “Union”). We approach these negotiations with the highest respect for the commitment and expertise of our employees. Our long-standing relationship with the Union is one we value deeply, and our concerted efforts are aimed at reaching a resolution that aligns with our shared goals and respects the interests of all parties involved.

We are dedicated to ensuring the continuity of our operations and minimizing any impact on our valued customers.

Superior Propane maintains our commitment to achieving a mutually satisfactory resolution that addresses the interests of both parties while upholding our dedication to service excellence and the well-being of our employees.

For further information, contact:

France Magny
General Manager, Québec
Tel: (514) 234-3699