Beyond the barbecue – propane growing as a home heating fuel

TORONTO,ON (June 4th, 2015) — Propane’s popularity continues to grow as Canadian consumers choose it over other alternatives for heat. While we’re all enjoying another great Canadian summer, there’s no escaping the truth—our winters are some of the coldest in the world. Fortunately, Canadians are often early adopters of alternative technologies. Our willingness to try something new is now playing out in the market for home heating fuels—and propane is coming up a big winner. A number of its benefits have captured consumer attention, namely:

Ease And Availability
Our country is the 6th largest producer of propane in the world, and is home to industry leaders like Superior Propane who have gone to great lengths to make using it for home heating as simple as possible. Case in point: the new mySUPERIOR online portal. It helps homeowners easily order propane, check their account status, and pay their bills while they’re logged on so they can get back to what they’d rather be doing, like enjoying the great outdoors.

Strong Value
Families are watching their budgets like never before. Propane’s strong economic case has helped it become the home heating choice to hundreds of thousands of Canadians. When it comes to hot water, propane heaters can be less expensive to operate than electric ones.

Environmental Appeal
In an era of environmental concerns, propane is good news. It stands above most fuels and rivals the cleanest. It’s clean burning and effectively competes with other fossil fuels, and even renewables, on efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions in many applications.

Strong Safety Record
The production, storage, transportation, and use of propane are subject to strict standards and regulations. It’s stored and used in sealed containers and fuel systems, and is only transferred from one container to another by trained personnel. Home heating with propane has an enviable safety record.

Portable And Flexible
As we all know from our barbecues, a big part of propane’s appeal is that it can be stored, transported and used almost anywhere, and won't deteriorate over time. In many cases, it's the only fuel used in remote locations because of its portability, especially for applications where demand patterns change, such as cottages. Consumers are discovering it can also do more than heat homes—it can also power appliances such as pool, patio, space and water heaters, and even clothes dryers and refrigerators.

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