4 Reasons to Choose a Propane Water Heater



September 30, 2022

There’s nothing like a hot shower to relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles. Using an efficient water heater can take the guilt out of long showers, leaving enough hot water for doing the dishes and laundry too. More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of using propane over oil and electric water heaters.

Here are just some of the advantages propane water heaters offer:

1. Cost-effective

Propane water heaters are energy efficient to save you money over the long run. An Energy Star-rated propane unit can save as much as 20% in annual energy costs compared to standard electric- and oil- powered water heaters+. Propane models can also last longer and require less maintenance, saving you money down the road.

2. Less floor space

Worried about fitting a large heater into a small space? Propane water heaters can help you save on valuable floor space while still providing an abundant supply of hot water. For example, a 40-gallon propane storage water heater can deliver twice as much hot water as a 50-gallon electric tank, which is much larger and takes up more space in the home+. Tankless units are even more compact for homes with limited space or in finished basements.

3. A greener fuel alternative

By reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the water, propane water heaters emit 19% less carbon dioxide+ for better indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact, especially if you currently heat your water with furnace oil or you live in an area where electricity is generated by burning coal.

4. Hassle-free installation and maintenance

Ready to start reaping the benefits of propane water heaters? Superior Propane’s Certified Partners will install your propane water heater, making it easier to get started. Once installed, our partners can help with regular care and maintenance, so your heater lasts for years to come.

Superior Propane partners with companies and technicians in your area to deliver expert, reliable service for your propane equipment.


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+https://propane.com/for-my-home/adding-or-replacing-appliances/propane-storage-tank-water-heaters/. The cost of energy varies by region, provider and customer and your individual savings may vary.