There must be something in the mine

Toronto, January 27, 2015 -- 3 reasons your mine should be powered by Superior Propane:

1. We know the mining industry, inside and out
Superior Propane has powered more industrial projects than any other propane company in Canada. And our mining division is one of our most robust.
From exploration to discovery to development to production and straight through reclamation, we understand the anatomy of a mine.

We do our homework before we dig in with planning, design, installation and service and custom solutions designed to achieve operational excellence.

Click here for the case studies that prove it. Read more

2. We solve problems
There must be something in the mines. All of our Superior mining experts are hard-wired for troubleshooting.

Sometimes that means finding practical and innovative ways to maintain a steady supply of propane across an ice bridge.

Other times they’re forecasting and developing energy solution plans for mines that are inaccessible in the deep winter, including tight storage solutions.

Maybe they’re improving logistics to save on resources and improve operations.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s always more than just their job. Our people are our problem-solvers. And our customers’ best partner. Read more

3. We have industry-leading maintenance and safety programs
Forget about lost revenue due to equipment breakdown. Our proactive maintenance program includes everything from on-site assessments of all industrial equipment to regular inspections and tune-ups of your propane or natural gas equipment with complete reports after each visit.

And when it comes to safety? Nobody does it more comprehensively. Guardian, our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System establishes minimum acceptable standards for all Superior Propane operations. We do things right the first time to reduce risk in all its forms. Read more