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Propane is the smart choice for reliable, cost-effective fuel to power your projects. Whether it's construction heaters, temporary power, application requirements, or powering tools, propane has you covered. With SMART* TankTM monitoring and mySUPERIOR PlusTM you have total control of your propane usage, billing, and management details. Call us today!



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Superior Propane Makes it Easy to Fuel Your Construction Site

From a preliminary site assessment to delivery and maintenance, we take care of everything for home builders, construction companies and commercial developers.

Experts in Construction Heat

Superior Propane provides onsite expertise and the most experience in the industry to consult and recommend heat solutions for various applications.

Competitive Prices

Whether you are a year round business or a seasonal operation, we have a payment plan that will work for you. Superior Propane offers flexible or fixed pricing options, depending on the needs of your business.

Bulk Tank Site Monitoring

Superior Propane ensures your site always has propane with wireless tank monitors and instant notifications to your cell or office. You'll always know your fuel levels and can easily manage your account and locations.


Not only do we deliver propane cylinders to you, we also take care of servicing, safety, compliance and recertification of your cylinders and storage cages.

Propane Applications for Construction

Propane’s versatility is one of its greatest strengths. From building heat to concrete curing, propane keeps your project moving.  

Closeup of a portable propane heater on a construction site.

Building Heat

Propane is the best fuel for temporary heating of construction sites and buildings. Whether you use direct or indirect fired portable heaters, propane provides clean, consistent heat, free from moisture and contaminated fumes.
Construction workers preparing poured concrete to be cured using propane.

Concrete Curing

Propane guarantees your concrete surfaces are cured evenly by delivering consistent heat. With a variety of portable propane heaters available, there is a heating solution to help you avoid concrete cracking.
A male construction worker in a white hard hat carrying his tools from his van to the job site.

Temporary Power

Power your job site from start to finish with propane. It’s the dependable, clean burning, cost-effective power generation option for remote, off-grid and backup power systems. Wherever you need power, Superior delivers.
A construction worker using a propane-powered torch.

Propane Tools

Propane-fueled tools are safe, environmentally friendly and versatile, saving your business time and money. Tools include:
  • Propane Torch Wagons
  • Propane Torches
  • Hot Tar Kettles
  • Roof Dryers
  • Concrete Floor Saws
  • Propane Heaters
  • Ground Thawing Equipment
  • Air Compressors


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