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Superior Propane provides your restaurant or catering business with the clean, versatile, and cost-effective fuel to keep your kitchen cooking, your patio warm, and your patrons comfortable. Call Today For This Special Offer!


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Superior Propane makes it easy to fuel your day

Cooking, Heating, Back-up Power & Outdoor Amenities

Seamless transition

It’s easy to switch. You will be partnered with a dedicated energy consultant to support the end-to-end installation.
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With our wireless SMART* Tank technology and Auto Delivery service, spend more time managing your business and less time worrying about fuel levels.

No Downtime

Your business is covered. We promise secure propane supply and an unmatched delivery network to provide propane when & where you need it.

24/7 Online Access

Our online mySuperior portal gives you access to easily track fuel consumption, pay bills and more. Connect to your propane even faster with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Reliable Propane Business SOlutions

Multiple people seated in a restaurant. The server is giving a meal to a couple.


An efficient propane furnace can quickly and cost-effectively heat your restaurant. We understand that your kitchen and dining room have different heating needs; propane can serve both. Propane is perfect for off-grid kitchens and as a back-up power supply. Keep customers and staff comfortable while reducing your heating bills - that’s the advantage of propane.
Dishwasher in a restaurant kitchen, spraying dirty dishes in sink with water that is heated by propane.


High-efficiency propane boilers and tankless water heaters provide your commercial kitchen or catering business with reliable, on-demand hot water. Propane offers an economical, on-demand, endless hot water supply, and tankless water heaters can be installed where you need them to be, inside or out.
Chef placing steak in a frying pan on a propane range.


Propane-powered cooktops and ovens are preferred by chefs because they deliver instant, even heat and responsive control. Plus propane offers the versatility to cost-effectively fuel a variety of kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, fryers, griddles, BBQs, broilers, and buffets.
Propane heater on an outdoor patio of a restaurant on a busy street.


Provide your guests with an unforgettable outdoor dining experience. Propane is ideal for outdoor cooking on BBQs or grills, offers a beautiful ambiance with a flame display or fire pit, and provides evening comfort with radiant patio heaters. In winter, radiant snow-melting systems are a must-have for labour-saving snow clearance.

Currently on oil or electric?

You can easily switch to propane for Heating and Cooking. Make the switch & reduce your costs. Call for details.

Terms & Conditions:

^Offer available to new residential or small commercial Superior Propane customers only. 600 Litres free requires a minimum of 2500 Litre annual propane consumption, SMART Tank wireless sensor installed on tank with automatic delivery set-up and mySUPERIOR online account access registration. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Certain terms and conditions apply. Please call for details. Credit for free litres will be applied to account up to two weeks following the first propane delivery. Offer ends December 31, 2023.

Miller Propane, Highlands Propane and Superior Propane customers not eligible.