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Reasons to Convert from Oil to Propane


      Save Money

      You'll experience significant savings by switching to propane. Your hyrdo costs will decrease because a propane heating system uses less electricity than an oil heating system. Propane burns more completely than oil and ensures the system is not continually running, saving you more money. Plus, you can save on home insurance and there may be rebates for switching. 

      A Safer Choice

      Propane is the safer, greener choice. Propane's GHG emissions are 38% lower than heating oil. Additionally, propane doesn't pose a risk to the environment or personal property like oil does. Even the smallest oil leak can cause severe environmental damage and can result in expensive clean-up. In the rare event that propane is released, it dissipates harmlessly into the air. 

      Improve Energy Efficiency

      Propane is the cost-effective choice. Appliances and furnaces that run on propane provide more efficient heating on a per BTU basis than using oil. Also, oil furnace are only 80% efficient, whereas propane furnaces can be up to 98%. That means that more heat stays in your home, and less heat wasted up the chimney. 

      Multiple Uses

      More than just clean, reliable heating fuel for homeowners, propane is suitable for numerous appliances and applications. Propane can efficiently power furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, appliances, backup generators, pool heaters, and more.

      We Make Switching Easy for You

      Our nation-wide network of Certified Partners can easily remove your old oil furnace and tank and replace it with a high-efficient propane system, with minimal impact on your day-to-day.

      Increase Your Home's Value

      Installing a propane heating system will make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. Homebuyers will appreciate the efficiency, affordability, and comfort it provides, making it an excellent all-around investment.


Find out how much you can save by switching from oil to propane.

"I'm extremely happy with my decision to convert from oil to propane. I love how I can monitor my usage. I would like to convert some appliances now!"
BONNIE, Pembroke, ON
“We made the switch to propane last fall and we're very happy with Superior! Love being able to see the tank level via the phone app. Great peace of mind. Thank you!”
“We received great service when we decided to change over from oil. Representatives were professional.”

Tore, Halifax, NS

“I rely on propane to heat my home, water and for cooking. Superior has never let my tank run dry. Prompt and courteous service people.”

What Makes Superior Different?

SMART* TankTM Wireless Monitoring System

Get up-to-date tank level readings and delivery notifications by text/email. Our exclusive SMART* TankTM sensor conveniently does all the work for you.
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Automatic Delivery

Never worry about ordering propane again! With this program, propane is delivered automatically based on your known or estimated propane consumption.

mySUPERIOR.ca and App

Instantly manage your propane from your phone with our easy-to-use mobile app - or visit mySUPERIOR.ca - to track fuel consumption, pay bills, confirm delivery dates and more.


Get your SMART* Tank™ sensor with the Automatic Delivery plan today to take advantage of Superior’s No-Run-Out Guarantee for residential customers. It’s propane delivery the worry-free way.
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It's time to make the switch to lower heating bills and a more comfortable home. Our Certified HVAC Partners will convert your oil tank and furnace to propane in just 5 easy steps.

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**1,000L one time bill credit applicable only to home heat customers switching from oil heat to propane heat. Propane furnace or boiler installation required through a Superior Propane Certified Partner. 2,500L minimum annual consumption. Credit will be applied to customer’s account after first fill, please allow 8 weeks.

^$500 annual savings is an estimate based on average propane and furnace oil prices in select markets switching from a 74% or lower efficiency oil furnace to a 93% or higher propane furnace. Conditions apply, please call for details. Offer ends March 31, 2021.