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Superior Safety

Certificate of Recognition for Health & Safety Management Systems.


in AB

since 1999

in BC

since 2000

in MB

since 2012

in SK & NWT

since 2014

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Reduced Risk Of Downtime


Reduced Delivery Fees


Increased Fill Rate

The Superior Commitment

  • Simplicity

    We make your propane simple with innovation designed to give you unmatched convenience and control.

  • Expertise

    After 65 years, no one understands propane better. Your can count on our experience and knowledge.

  • Reliability

    Our unmatched delivery network spans the country. So you get your propane when and where you need it.

What comes standard with Superior Propane

  • Secure Propane Supply

    There’s nothing more important than a steady, secure supply of energy to a busy site. Superior Propane’s nationally powered, locally delivered commitment ensures yours will never be…

  • Nationally Powered, Locally Delivered

    We not only serve your community, we live there too. The advantage of being the only national propane provider means that our supply is sourced…

  • SMART* Tank™ – Exclusive Propane Notifications

    Only Superior Propane’s SMART notification system helps you manage and forecast your fuel levels. Our accurate and customizable push notifications…

  • Supply Locations

  • Secure local propane supply and delivery network, exclusively for the Oil & Gas industry.

*Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology