Tank Level Monitoring

To be Superior you have to go the extra mile. With our exclusive SMART* TankTM sensors, included standard with all tank rentals, you never have to worry about the level of propane in your tank.

Only Superior Propane’s SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) notification system offers:

  • Weekly email or text alerts letting you know how much propane is in your tank
  • An automatic email or text alert every time your tank has been filled
  • No-cost tank sensor installation and maintenance
  • Cost savings with fewer deliveries
  • Complete peace of mind knowing your home is warm and comfortable
  • Worry free automatic deliveries
  • Online access 24/7 through mySuperior




Residential No-Run-Out Guarantee

An industry first! With our comprehensive Residential No-Run-Out Guarantee you will have the ultimate peace of mind that Superior’s got you covered. Residents with a SMART Tank sensor, on automatic delivery, with a tank size larger than a single 420lbs will receive 250L FREE if they run out of propane.

The No-Run-Out Guarantee only applies to residential customers who meet the following standard qualifications:

  • Must have a SMART Tank sensor installed
  • Must be on Automatic delivery
  • Must have tank storage greater than single 420 and no portable storage
  • Customer not on water or seasonal access road
  • No stand-by generators eligible
  • Account must be in good standing


*Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. Superior Propane, SMART Tank and mySUPERIOR are registered trademarks or trademarks of Superior Plus LP in Canada.

No-Run-Out Program Terms and Conditions:

All Superior Propane’s SMART Tank bulk delivery residential customers enrolled in Superior Propane’s automatic delivery program are eligible for The No-Run-Out Guarantee Program (the “Program”) except for Customers (i) who rent only a single 420 lb. Cylinder or 123 USWG tank; (ii) with premises on water access or seasonal road access; and (iii) with tanks or cylinders that are attached to standby generators. If (i) the customer replaces Superior Propane’s SMART Tank(s) with other equipment; (ii) the customer fails to pay for propane within the agreed upon payment period and the customer’s account is no longer in good standing; (iii) delivery of propane by Superior Propane is prevented by a force majeure event including but not limited to the act of God, strike, flood, fire, inclement weather, embargo, insurrection, unavoidable accident, shortage of labour or material, government decree or any other cause reasonably beyond its control including, but not limited to, shortage of propane, then the Program shall immediately become null and void and of no effect as if the Program had never taken place. In the event of shortages resulting from a force majeure event, Superior Propane reserves the right to allocate supply as it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, amongst its customers, itself and its subsidiaries, or; if actions taken by the customer are determined by Superior Propane, in its sole discretion, to have been the cause of or substantially contributed to the propane run out situation. The Program has no pre-determined termination date and will continue until such time that Superior Propane may, without notice, terminate the Program.