Propane for Prime Power

Cost-effective performance without compromise

Your options for power generation have dramatically improved. Rising diesel costs combined with advancements in power system technology have made propane-powered generators an attractive solution for dependable, clean, cost-effective power. Recent technological innovations have paved the way for enhanced power and performance. Reduced stress on engine bearings and increased power densities are just some of the benefits you can expect from prime propane generators even in the most demanding conditions.

The facts: propane versus diesel


  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • No risk of spills or contamination
  • No expiry of shelf life
  • Burns clean for less wear and tear on equipment
  • Longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs
  • Readily available across Canada


  • Higher fuel costs
  • Concern meeting emissions regulations
  • Risk of spills and costly remediation
  • Long-term storage contamination issues
  • Hard particulates cause equipment damage
  • Higher maintenance requirements
  • Higher delivery costs

Lower your fuel costs today

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Calculate Your Savings
Calculate Your Savings

Using propane only

Diesel generator using propane

Propane vs Diesel Calculator

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You could
potentially save up to
$17.58 on your energy requirement
That's a
saving of
$7.07 Per GJ
Based on the information you have provided, switching to propane could cost you more for your current power generation needs.
  • This is exclusive of any carbon tax, which is more significant for diesel vs. propane.
  • Emissions are lower when using propane vs. diesel.
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Return on Capital


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  • A bi-fuel kit cost of $15,000 is used for engines below 200 kW and $60,000 for engines 200 kW and above. Costs include equipment and installation.
  • % Average Substitution Rate
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Lower risk. Less maintenance.

Propane is a liquid gas that vaporizes when released eliminating the risk of contamination to soil, surface water or groundwater during transport and storage-to-tank transfers. Using propane as your primary power source enhances environmental performance while reducing liability. As a stable fuel that doesn't degrade over time, propane is low maintenance when it comes to storage requirements. Diesel on the other hand becomes 'dirty' or contaminated during long-term storage. It is susceptible to oxidation which produces fine sediment that clogs fuel systems and requires costly repair. Resulting in even more maintenance requirements, diesel can become exposed to water with the end result being damaged fuel quality and tank erosion. Propane. Get the power you need without the risk.