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Providing safe, reliable propane service.

New To Propane?

Propane is versatile, safe and cost-effective. Propane is what we do. Our coast-to-coast delivery network ensures that you have a reliable energy supply for your home or business.

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For Your Home

Clean, efficient propane makes sense for heating, hot water and everyday living. Choose the reliable, convenient service from Superior and enjoy the comforts of an inviting home - made easy and worry-free.
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For Your Business

For safe, reliable propane, trust the experts at Superior to keep your business, site or fleet running smoothly and hassle-free. With Superior Propane, there is no down time.

Renovating or Upgrading to Propane Appliances?

Propane is versatile, efficient, and the right price for homes. If you are considering renovations or new appliances, now is the best time to upgrade to clean, efficient, affordable propane furnaces and appliances.

Take a Tour of a Propane Home

With propane, you can enjoy everyday living - cooking with even heat, cozying up by the fireplace, starting your day with an instantly warm shower, and more. It’s the versatile fuel for whole home comfort. Take a tour and see all the possibilities of life with propane.

Using Another Propane Company?

Switching to Superior Propane is just a call or click away. Contact us today and experience the benefits of Superior Propane

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Switching To Superior At Home

We make switching from another propane company easy and seamless. Our convenient, reliable, and local service is the right choice for your home.
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Switching To Superior At Work

Expert design and installation, reliable deliveries and industry leading technology make Superior Propane the top choice for commercial, industrial and agricultural propane.

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