When it comes to mining, running short on propane is not an option.

In 2001, Cameco was faced with selecting a propane partner that could deliver efficiency as well as propane.


With four remote mine locations in northern Saskatchewan, logistics were challenging. An in-house trucking company delivered the propane supply between the four mines. With a turnaround time of two days between locations, coordinating deliveries to work like clockwork was tricky. Plus, they wanted to improve the delivery schedule, especially during periods of irregular fuel consumption.


When Cameco brought Superior Propane on board in 2001, things changed. Fast. To optimize supply pick-up, Superior built a custom solution by changing the source location to allow space for Cameco’s trucks and ensure stable supply, pick-up and delivery.

Optimization was always top of mind. In 2013 the Superior team recommended installing Tank Sensor Monitors to save the legwork of manually checking fuel levels. This offered Cameco the ability to read fuel levels in real time to prioritize
the truck delivery route.

“The remote tank sensors have made a big difference as far as keeping track of our levels,” said Ken Johnston, Cameco’s Principle buyer for Cameco’s supply chain group. Cameco’s propane needs have grown and Superior has grown with them. Between 2003-2014 Cameco’s has doubled volume and Superior Propane has been there to ensure every need is met.


The Cameco-Superior Propane partnership is constantly evolving and adapting to improve to new conditions and processes. They continue to achieve numerous efficiencies in the flow of pick-up and delivery for their multiple sites.

“Since day one, Superior Propane has been a partner in planning and has been instrumental in working with us to ensure a steady supply of propane. Our trucks have direct access at the pickup points and we receive our shipments on a consistent basis,” said Johnston.

Constant communication and collaboration between the two companies allows them both to provide unmatched customer service.

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