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Winter Deliveries
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Superior Propane guarantees a warm winter

Mississauga, Nov 09, 2015—When it comes to the weather, there are no guarantees.

That’s why Superior Propane’s latest offer to its customers is extraordinary: a warm winter—guaranteed.

“We can’t control what happens outside, but we can make sure our customers’ homes stay warm all winter long,” said Susannah Robinson, Vice President of Customer Experience. “When our new home heat customers sign up for a SMART tank and auto delivery, we guarantee that they won’t run out of propane. If they do, we’ll give them 500 litres of free propane.”

Superior Propane can make this No-Run-Out Guarantee thanks to innovative technology, including their state-of-the-art SMART Tank, which sends propane tank levels to the Superior delivery centre as well as to the customer’s smartphone or email inbox. Combined with automatic delivery and their unmatched delivery network, the company is taking the worry out of keeping the propane tank topped up.

Superior’s Warm Winter Bundle is available for a limited time and includes:

Superior Propane’s exclusive SMART tank allows customers to know exactly what’s in their tank in real time through text or email notifications. New customers who upgrade to the state-of-the-art propane tank get the first year free ($120 in savings).

Auto Delivery
The auto delivery program delivers propane automatically based on customers’ known or estimated propane consumption, saving them the hassle of making an order when they’re running low.

Fixed price plan
This plan protects customers from unpredictable energy prices. When customers lock in for a full year, their propane rate is guaranteed at today’s below-average prices. No matter how severe the winter, the rate will always be the same.
An industry first, this online tool puts customers in charge of their accounts. Using a computer, tablet or Smartphone, users can access their account information 24/7 to see how much propane is in their tanks right now, view and pay bills, check on upcoming deliveries and more.

Click here for full details of Superior Propane’s No-Run-Out Guarantee.

About Superior Propane
Superior Propane is Canada’s only national provider of portable fuels, equipment and service delivered locally to customers in 153 communities nationwide. In business since 1951, Superior’s headquarters are located in Mississauga, ON and is part of the Energy Service division of Superior Plus LP. Superior Propane employs more than 1,400 Canadians and delivers over 1.2 billion litres of propane annually.


Brad Hartman

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