Residential Propane Tanks

Residential Propane TanksDifferent parts of Canada experience different climates with weather patterns varying by region. Colder climate regions will naturally require more fuel for heating while warmer climates will have less of a need for heating. This is probably the most important factor in selecting a tank for residential use. Keep in mind that your Superior Propane representative will more accurately size the tank for you according to your needs but it of course helps to have a better understanding of LP gas tank sizing and selection.

Selecting Propane Tank Size

Propane tank sizing for residential home use is fairly straightforward. Your Superior Propane representative will work with you to determine the optimal tank size for your home. Several considerations go into tank size selection. These variables include but are not limited to:

  • Total square footage of the home
  • Propane appliances installed in the home
  • Geographical location the colder the climate, the more potential fuel consumption
  • Total BTU load (BTUs of all installed propane appliances)
  • Presence of a backup propane generator that could be used throughout the year when needed
  • Usage of a pool heater, if any.

Residential tank sizes will vary between climate regions with larger tanks being placed in cooler climates. LP gas tank size can be matched to the residential demand requirements within a good degree of accuracy. The sizing of the tank will be based upon the average heating load and demand for the region/area and is better left to Superior Propane to ultimately decide.

Tank Size and Weather

Consumers with larger propane tanks can prepare farther in advance of winter weather and have the ability to sustain their home heating and comfort during longer than average periods of cold weather. If the tank location area permits, the benefits of a larger tank outweigh the costs, which can be quickly recovered. Selecting a larger size propane tank protects your comfort and can minimize home heating costs.